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12 octobre 2001

Steve Davis (University of Chicago)
[On the Gains to International Trade in Risky Financial Assets
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26 octobre 2001

Bernard Salanié (CREST)
A Nonparametric Simulated Maximum Likelihood Estimation Method
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9 novembre 2001

Andrew Chesher (UCL)
Exogenous Impact and Conditional Quantile Functions
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23 novembre 2001

Peter Davis (MIT)
Demand Models for Market Level Data
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30 novembre 2001

Pascal Lavergne (Inra-Université de Toulouse I)
Rate-optimal data-driven specification testing in regression models

14 décembre 2001

Moshe Buchinsky (Brown University)
Interfirm Mobility, Wages, and the Returns to Seniority and Experience in the U.S.
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1 février 2002

Gerard Pfann (IZA-Université de Maastricht)
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15 février 2002

Arthur Lewbel (Boston College)
Selection Model and Conditional Treatment Effects Including Endogenous Regressors
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1 mars 2002

Lars Peter Hansen (University of Chicago)
La discussion sera introduite par Christian Gouriéroux (CREST)
Robustness and Uncertainty Aversion
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8 mars 2002

Michael Lechner (University of St. Gallen)
A Potential Outcome Approach to Dynamic Programme Evaluation - Part I : Identification
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22 mars 2002

Miguel Delgado (Carlos III, Madrid)
Distribution-free goodness-of-fit test for linear processes

5 avril 2002

Thierry Magnac (CREST INRA)
Binary Variables and Fixed Effects : Generalizing Conditional Logit
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14 juin 2002

Jaap H. Abbring (University College - London)
Testing for Moral Hazard on Dynamic Insurance Data

21 juin 2002

Ali Hortasçu (University of Chicago)
Mechanism Choice and Strategic Bidding in Divisible Good Auctions : An Empirical Analysis of the Turkish Treasury Auction Market
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