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26 juin 2003

Manuel Arellano (CEMFI)
Modelling Optimal Instrumental Variables for Dynamic Panel Data Models

5 juin 2003

Maurizio Mazzocco (University of Wisconsin)
Individual Euler Equations Rather Than Household Euler Equations
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24 avril 2003

Russell Davidson (GREQAM)
The Power of Bootstrap and Asymptotic Tests
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27 mars 2003

Jim Levinsohn (University of Michigan)
Productivity in a Differentiated Products Market Equilibrium
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6 mars 2003

Costas Meghir (UCL)
Changes in the Distribution Of Males and Females Wages Accounting for Employment Composition
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16 janvier 2003

Giuseppe Moscarini (Yale University)
Aggregate Worker Reallocation and Occupational Mobility un the United States 1971-2000

9 janvier 2003

Juan Dolado (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
The Role of Deterministic Components in the Fractional Dickey-Fuller Test for Unit Roots
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12 décembre 2002

Steve Bond (IFS)
Uncertainty and Company Investment Dynamics : Empirical Evidence for UK

28 novembre 2002

Martin Browning (University of Copenhagen)
Estimating Intertemporal Allocation Parameters Using Simulated Residual Estimation
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14 novembre 2002

Guglielmo Weber (University of Padua)
Consumer Credit : Evidence from Italian Micro Data
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24 octobre 2002

Thierry Kamionka (CREST)
Assessing the Extent of Randomization Bias in the Canadian Self-Sufficiency Experiment

26 septembre 2002

Margaret Slade (University of British Columbia)
Market Power and Joint Dominance in UK Brewing
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