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26 mai 2005

Jean-Pierre Florens (Idei, Toulouse)
Endogeneity in non separable models. Application to treatment models where the outcomes are durations
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À la suite du séminaire, Jun YU présentera son article intitulé :
Is no news good news ? Reconciling evidence from ARCH and stochastic volatility models

14 avril 2005

Stéphane Gregoir (Crest)
Representation and statistical analysis of weakly linearly exchangeable dynamic panels
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27 janvier 2005

Frederico M. Bandi (Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago)
Full-information transaction costs
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13 janvier 2005

Marine Carrasco (Université de Rochester)
Optimal Test for Markov Switching
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16 décembre 2004

Holger Sieg (Carnegie Mellon, NBER)
Admission, Tuition, and Financial Aid Policies in the Market for Higher Education
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2 décembre 2004

John Van Reenen (LSE)
Identifying Technological Spillovers and Product Market Rivarly : Theory and Evidence from a Penel of U.S. Firms
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24 novembre 2004

Esther Duflo (MIT)
Remedying Education : Evidence from two Randomized Experiments in India
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23 octobre 2004

Bas Van Der Klaauw (University Amsterdam, Tinbergen Institute, Scholar and CEPR)
Labor Market Prospects, Search Intensity and the Transition from College to Work
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30 septembre 2004

Jordi Gali (CREI, UPF, CEPR and NBER)
Technology Shocks and Aggregate Fluctuations : How Well Does the RBC Model Fit Postwar U.S. Data ?
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