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24 juin 2010

S. Hoderlein (Brown University)
Nonparametric Identification in Nonseparable Panel Data Models with Generalized Fixed Effects
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17 juin 2010

J. Rust (University of Maryland)
A Dynamic Model of Leap-Frogging Investments and Bertrand Price Competition
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10 juin 2010

M. Buchinsky (UCLA, CREST and NBER)
The Dynamics of Educational Choices in the united States
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27 mai 2010

J. Eaton (Yale University)
A Search and Learning Model of Export Dynamics
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6 mai 2010

C. Bontemps (Toulouse School of Economics and IDEI)
Moment-Based Tests for Discrete Distributions
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29 avril 2010

E. Plug (Université d’Amsterdam, Tinbergen Institute)
The Causal Effect of Parent’s Schooling on Children’s Schooling : A Comparison of Estimation Methods
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8 avril 2010

M.P. Keane (University of Technology Sydney)
Income Taxation in a Life Cycle Model with Human Capital
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25 mars 2010

P. Mira (CEMFI, Madrid)
Caregiving to Elderly Parents and Employment Status of European Mature Women
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P. Arcidiacono (Duke University and NBER)
Modeling College Major Choices Using Elicited Measures of Expectations and Counterfactuals
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11 mars 2010

T. Magnac (Toulouse School of Economics, GREMAQ and IDEI)
“College Entry Exams” : A Dynamic Discrete Choice Model
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11 février 2010

R. Blundell (UCL and IFS)
Stochastic Demand and Revealed Preference
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19 novembre 2009

Francis Kramarz (CREST-INSEE)
Labor Court Inputs, Judicial Cases Outcomes and Labor Flows : Identifying Real EPL
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5 novembre 2009

Jean-Pierre Florens (GREMAQ, IDEI)
Regularization of Nonparametric Frontier Estimators
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15 octobre 2009

Jean Marc Robin (Université Paris I)
Business Cycle Fluctuations of Wage Inequality and Employment

10 Septembre 2009

Markus Frolich (Université de Mannheim)
Quantile Treatment Effects in the Regression Discountinuity Design
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