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23 mai 2011

Dimitri Vayanos (LSE, Londres)
An Institutional Theory of Momentum and Reversal
Co-auteur : Paul Woolley

16 mai 2011

Rachel Kranton (Duke University, Durham NC)
Redistribution, Ideology, and Identity

9 mai 2011

David P. Myatt (Nuffield College, Oxford, UK)
On the Rational Choice Theory of Voter Turnout
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2 mai 2011

Lars Stole (University of Chicago, Chicago IL)
Public Delegated Agency Games
Co-auteur : David MARTIMORT
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4 avril 2011

Sven Rady (University of Munich, Germany)
Strongly Symmetric Equilibria in Bandit Games

28 mars 2011

Piero Gottardi (European University Institute, Florence)
Ramsey Asset Taxation Under Asymmetric Information
Co-auteur : Nicola Pavoni
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21 mars 2011

Jacob Goeree (Zurich)
Spectrum Auction Design

14 mars 2011

Stephen Morris (Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey)
Correlated Equilibrium and Incomplete Information
Co-auteur : Dirk Bergemann

7 mars 2011

Jean-Jacques Herings (Maastricht University, Nederlands)
Transferable utility games with uncertainty
Co-auteur : Helga Habis
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28 février 2011

Robert Garfy-Bobo (CREST-INSEE, Malakoff)
Strikes and slowdown in a theory of relational contracts
Co-auteur : Touria Jaaidane
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14 février 2011

Gaurab Aryal (Australian National University)
Identication of Insurance Models with Multidimensional Screening
Co-auteurs : Isabelle Perrigne et Quang Vuong
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7 février 2011

Mike Peters (University of British Columbia, Vancouver)
On the revelations principle and reciprocal mechanisms in competing mechnism games
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31 janvier 2011

Volker Nocke (University of Mannheim, Germany)
Merger Policy with Merger Choice
Co-auteur : Michael D. Whinston
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24 janvier 2011

Saturo Takahashi (Princeton University, Princeton NJ)
Interdependent Preferences and Strategic Distinguishability
Co-auteurs : Dirk Bergemann et Stephen Morris
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17 janvier 2011

Tristan Tomala (HEC , Paris)
Mechanism Design and Communication Networks
Co-auteur : Ludovic Renou
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13 décembre 2010

Joel Sobel (UCSD)
Markets and Other-Regarding Preferences
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6 décembre 2010

Ehud Kalai (Northwestern University, Evanston IL )
A Cooperative Value for Bayesian Games : A first best efficient solution for strategic games with asymmetric information
Joint work with Adam T. Kalai
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29 novembre 2010

Christian Hellwig (Toulouse School of Economics, Toulouse)
Information Aggregation and Investment Decisions
Co-auteurs : Elias Albagli et Aleh Tsyvinski

22 novembre 2010

Michihiro Kandori (Université de Tokyo)
Towards a Belief-Based Theory of Repeated Games with Private Monitoring
Joint with Ichiro Obara
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22 octobre 2010

Michihiro Kandori (Université de Tokyo)
Towards a Belief-Based Theory of Repeated Games with Private Monitoring
Joint with Ichiro Obara
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18 octobre 2010

Christophe Chamley (PSE, Paris)
Self-fulfilling traps with money as a medium of exchange
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27 septembre 2010

Ron Lavi (Israel Institute of Technology)
Side-Communication Yields Efficiency of Ascending Auctions : The Two-Items Case
Joint with Sigal Oren
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20 septembre 2010

Fujito Kojima (Stanford University, Stanford, CA)
Improving Efficiency in Matching Markets with Regional Caps : The Case of the Japan Residency Matching Program
Co-auteur : Yuichiro Kamada
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