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lundi 13 mars 2023, par Antoinette Baujard

Alfred Galichon (NYUetScPo) kindly accepted to chair the award committee for the 2021 prize, for which he gathered a jury also composed of Arthur Charpentier (UQUAM), and Arnaud Dupuy (U. Luxembourg), and Isabelle Méjean (ScPo). We are very grateful to all of them for their time and effective decision making. They had ten articles, all published in 2021, to review.

They unanimously decided to award the prize to Benoît Schmutz (CREST, École Polytechnique), Modibo Sidibé (Duke, U.), and Élie Vidal-Naquet (AMSE, Aix Marseille U.)

for their article “Why are Low-Skilled Workers less Mobile ? The role of Mobility Costs and Spatial Frictions”, Annals of Economics and Statistics, no.142 (June 2021), pp. 283-304.

Congratulations to them !

The prize was announced on January 22nd during the 2022 ADRES Doctoral Conference, which was organized (online) by Paris School of Economics.