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16 Juin 2011

Gerard Van Den Berg (Mannheim University)
Testing for Unobserved Heterogeneity in Duration Analysis Using Time-Varying Explanatory Variables

9 Juin 2011

Andrew Chesher (CeMMAP & UCL)
Generalized Instrumental Variable Models
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26 Mai 2011

Geert Ridder (University of Southern California).
Bounds on Treatment Effects on Transitions
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12 Mai 2011

Christian Gouriéroux (CREST et Université de Toronto, Canada)
Efficient Derivative Pricing by the Extended Method of Moments
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28 Avril 2011

Adam Rosen (UCL)
An Instrumental Variable Model of Multiples Discrete Choice

7 Avril 2011

Martin Browning (Oxford University)
Dynamic Binary Outcome Model with Maximal Heterogeneity

24 Mars 2011

Jaap Abbring (Tilburg University)
The Likelihood of Mixed Hitting Times
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27 Janvier 2011

Thomas Piketty (Paris School of Economics)
On the Long-Run Evolution of Inheritance : France 1820-2050
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6 Janvier 2011

Bernard Salanié (Columbia University)
Partner Choice and the Marital College Premium
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16 décembre 2010

C. Belzil (École Polytechnique, ENSAE and IZA)
The Distinction Between Dictatorial and Incentive Policy Interventions and its implication for IV Estimation
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18 novembre 2010

E. Maurin (PSE)
Labour Supply Spillovers Within Households : Lessons from Mandatory Worweek Reductions

4 novembre 2010

J. Geweke (University of Sydney and University of Colorado)
Improving Asset Price Prediction when All Models are False
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